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Fox News saw its rise during the tumultuous years of the Clinton presidency. They, in other words, made their name by being the anti-Clinton “news” organization. During the eight years of the Bush presidency, they became the cheerleaders of the Bush policies, most notably the invasion of Iraq. And now Fox News is in the business of distributing misinformation, lies, and conspiracy theories. Fox News even took it upon themselves to promote the TEA Party rallies, which were held all across our country and in our nation’s captial. At these rallies, “real Americans” accused the President of violating the Constitution, devising death panels to kill senior citizens and the disabled, and of being (somehow) a Nazi, fascist, socialist, marxist, and communist. Fox News has become the chief promoter of this insanity, neglecting any sense of journalistic ethic to be objective in its reporting, let alone attempting to do any fact checking.

With that said, I do not feel that it is a great idea for the White House to engage Fox News in a war of words. Hannity, for instance, loves the battle. He is now advertising his show as being “Not White House Approved,” implying that it was White House approved during the Bush years. The network has taken advantage of the White House attacks in order to generate more viewership and to play the role of victim. They are also crying foul: the Obama White House is attacking Fox because they are asking “tough questions” and “reporting the truth.” Never mind that they instigated the war on the White House from day one.

Here is a collection of clips that was put together by Media Matters:

I know that I will be boycotting Fox News. I hope that you will join me! Show your support and sign your name in the comment section!

I would also like to point out how a man with testicular fortitude and a rigid spine deals with Fox News:

I miss Bill Clinton!

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  • Thank you, #PeytonManning for throwing that interception to give the #Cowboys that win. What happened, bro? 6 years ago
  • Troubled to watch the march to war. I hope the President is cognizant of mission creep. We need to reevaluate our middle-eastern policies. 6 years ago
  • I argued for years with conservatives about the PATRIOT Act, warning about the loss of rights and invasion of privacy. Now they care? #WSJ 6 years ago
  • Reading #Noonan in the #WSJ complain about #NSA & Obama. Um... Where were conservatives after 9/11? They loved the PATRIOT Act until Obama. 6 years ago
  • I love to hear ignorant people deny climate change & claim that CO2 is great. Top 3 reasons: God, gov't intervention, & impact on business. 6 years ago

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