Senator Ted Kennedy suffered a massive seizure, which lasted for sometime, during the luncheon celebrating the inauguration of President Barack Obama. He was seated with former Presidential hopeful Walter Mondale and Senator Robert Byrd, who has also suffered an emergency health situation. According to eyewitnesses, the seizure was quite violent and it lasted well after he was placed into a wheelchair. Theresa Kerry, Senator John Kerry’s wife, attempted to assist Sen. Kennedy just before paramedics arrived. Sen. Kennedy was then moved from the building in a stretcher.

Senator Orrin Hatch walked with Sen. Kennedy as he was placed into an ambulance. According to Sen. Hatch, just before he was moved into the ambulance Sen Kennedy was conscious and gave an “old Irish grin.”

According to Sen. Rockefeller, as the seizure occured, silence was called, the lights were dimmed, and President Obama went to Sen. Kennedy’s side immediately.

As mentioned, Sen. Byrd also suffered a health situation, though it is not yet clear what has happened. He was attended to by paramedics. Just a few moments later, Sen. Kennedy suffered a seizure.

CNN’s Sanjay Gupta reported that Sen. Kennedy would most likely have his medication level checked and receive another brain scan in order to compare it to previous scans. Sanjay Gupta is also someone who might have a role in the incoming administration as Surgeon General.

Please keep them in your prayers.