If you’re able to vote, I hope you have already done so! If not, get the fuck off wordpress and go vote!

At my work (a jr. high), we held a mock election. We were the only school in our town to do so. The local media came out and covered it. They interviewed students and filmed them casting their ballots and getting “I Voted!” stickers.

I got goosebumps watching them. I was in charge of keeping the line in order, which turned out to be a tough job. The line extended from the front of the library to the cafeteria (a couple hundred feet away), and it that way all lunch. We had students trying to cut in line, some trying to vote twice, and we had some students trying to get other people to vote for their preferred candidate. Multiple times we had huge chants of “Obama! Obama! Obama!” After they voted, many students came out to show me their sticker and to get an awesome high five from me. I was so proud!

A few students complained that their vote wasn’t going to count, but I reminded them that they were sending a message to the town: El Camino Titans care about the future of the country. I also explained to them that we were trying to get them into the habit of voting so that they can grow up to be responsible citizens. Many came up to me and proudly told me who they voted for. Again, I was getting goosebumps the whole time! This was democracy in action.

Many kids came up to me (because they knew I’d voted earlier)and demanded to know who I voted for. I started out by not saying who I was voting for, but by the end of lunch I was saying, “Let me give you a hint: he’s black.” That got a great response every time.

In the end, we had a 70% turn-out (which puts the national average to shame). The results were mind-blowing:

423 for Barack Obama and 21 for John McCain

I was super proud of those kids (and not just because they voted the way I did).

Here’s a link to a news report on our school: